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Summer Concerts at Grochowska Street

Orkiestra Sinfonia Varsovia, 272 Grochowska St., Warsaw

10-05-2014 11:38:46 11-05-2014 11:38:46 35 Summary of the event Description of the event Location of the event Organizer Organizer e-mail true DD/MM/YYYY


Free admission

photo: Adam Żołnacz

Bogdan Precz 3-3-2
Johann Sebastian Bach Prelude in F major BWV 556
Vyacheslav Semionov Don Rhapsody (First Tale, Third Tale)
Vyacheslav Chernikov Voronezh Cowboy
Johann Sebastian Bach Sonata in C major BWV 1033
Francis Poulenc Sonata for flute and piano op.164
Theobald Boehm Grande Polonaise op.16


Marianna Żołnacz flute   

Sinfonia Varsovia Foundation scholar

Nikodem Jaworski accordion   

Sinfonia Varsovia Foundation scholar

Krzysztof Stanienda piano

hosted by Ewa Chamczyk