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Morning Concerts at Grochowska Street

King Midas in the hands of the gods

Orkiestra Sinfonia Varsovia, Concert Pavilion, 272 Grochowska St., Warsaw


story concert for children age 5 - 9 and whole families

Children’s Week with Sinfonia Varsovia

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King Midas in the hands of the gods is an intimate tale told in song about the mythical Midas, who made his mark in history as a very greedy ruler. The gods listened to his requests and bestowed upon him the power of changing anything he touched into gold. This seemingly wonderful gift turned out to be a severe form of punishment. As we have known for a long time, money cannot buy happiness. The musical performance involving singers, a piano and a trombone (as golden as all of Midas’ treasures put together) also tells us why


SHEPHERDESS / DAUGHTER OF KING MIDAS Aleksandra Klimczak soprano

SHEPHERRD / BARBER / DIONYSUS Krzysztof Ciupiński-Świątek tenor
KING MIDAS  Przemysław Szkodziński bass-baritone
MARSYAS Piotr Wróbel trombone
APOLLO Elżbieta Mąkowska piano

produced by
music Piotr Wróbel
libretto Malina Sarnowska
stage design Marlena Skoneczko
directed by Jitka Stokalska

Media patronage