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Morning Concerts at Grochowska Street

“Once Upon Baroque” a Princess Musalinde story

Orkiestra Sinfonia Varsovia, Concert Pavillion, 272 Grochowska St., Warsaw


story concert for children age 5 - 9 and whole families

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Musalinde is a happy, cheerful, somewhat wild princess who loves her kingdom very much. She has no gold, no silver; her world is filled with imagination, music, song and dance. One day, Musalinde is visited by a fairy named Era, who gives her the Clock of All Time and magic golden slippers thanks to which Musalinde can travel in time. Musalinde is very curious about the world, so she eagerly sets out on this fantastic, mysterious journey. Together with the audience she goes back to the Baroque Period – filled with beauty, riches, wonderful architecture and paintings, and omnipresent arts.


Ewa Szawłowska PRINCESS MUSALINDE and other characters / script, direction
Monika Polaczek-Przestrzelska piano / musical arrangement
Maciej Przestrzelski violin
Piotr Kaniuga violin
Michał Styczyński  viola
Marek Karwowski cello