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La Folle Journée 2020 canceled

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Dear listeners,

We find ourselves in a very difficult situation. Given the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the seriousness with which we treat the health of our audiences and those working for the festival, we have decided to cancel this year’s La Folle Journée. We are moving the Festival to 2021, with Beethoven as its main theme.

The festival’s central idea is to make the best-quality classical music available to the widest possible audience. The numbers show how crazy it really is: more than 50 concerts taking place from dusk to dawn in five different rooms at the same time and more than a thousand artists from all over the world. This atmosphere of musical celebration is possible because of you, our audience. Every year, on the last weekend of September, Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera attracts around 30,000 guests. We are responsible for organizing this event and would never put anyone’s health at risk.

We hope that we’ll get through this long separation and meet again next year.

Let’s stay in touch!

Janusz Marynowski
Director of Sinfonia Varsovia, the organizer of La Folle Journée in Poland