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Mozart at Dusk - Olga Pasiecznik, Michał Klauza and Sinfonia Varsovia

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Mozart at Dusk
Dominican Church

2 Dominikańska Street, Warsaw-Służew
19.06.2018, 8:30 p.m.

Please join Olga Pasiecznik, Michał Klauza and the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra in an evening of music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The programme of the concert features effective and extremely demanding concert arias, the overture to "The Marriage of Figaro" and also Polish neo-classical miniatures by Stefan Kisielewski and Henryk Czyż.

Music made to measure – these words best describe Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s concert arias. Composed especially for singers with whom he was friends to showcase the maximum of their vocal abilities. An additional difficulty lies in their expressive aspect: stripped of the surroundings of an opera stage, the singer must create a credible, meaningful story with only her voice. This is probably why even today, these works are not very popular among singers. We are therefore very lucky to have found a custodian for them in the person of Olga Pasiecznik. The soprano is well-known for her roles in Mozart’s operas, but she is perfectly capable of showing the wealth and characteristics of the composer’s musical theatre in a concert setting. Thus, the concert in the Dominican Church in the Służew district of Warsaw promises to be a real feast for fans of Mozart and of the talent of Olga Pasiecznik.

Together with Sinfonia Varsovia, the Ukraine-born soprano will perform no fewer than four concert arias. The first two – Ah! lo previdi… and Bella mia fiamma, addio! were written for Czech singer Josefína Duškova, the wife of František Dušek, whose house Mozart frequented while staying in Prague. Despite a true friendship between Mozart and the Dušeks, the writing of Bella mia fiamma, addio! was marred by a touch of acerbity. Impatient to receive another musical present from Mozart, Josefína locked the composer in a garden pavilion, threatening not to let him out until he has written another aria for her. Surrendering to the inevitable, Mozart retorted by composing many breakneck arpeggios that proved to be an enormous challenge even for such an experienced singer.

The other two arias – Vado! Ma dove and Chi sa, chi sa, qual sia were written to complement Martín y Soler’s opera Il burbero di buon cuore to a libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte, with whom Mozart was working almost simultaneously on the Marriage of Figaro. That is why the overture and aria from that very opera will provide an excellent addition to the concert programme. Performing the role of Susanna and the Countess with equal ease, Olga Pasiecznik will sing Susanna’s joyfully expectant aria Giunse alfin il momento from Act Four.

Apart from the music of Mozart, we will also have an opportunity to hear two 20th century miniatures written in the neo-classical style. Conducted by Michał Klauza, Sinfonia Varsovia will perform Stefan Kisielewski’s Concerto for Chamber Orchestra and Divertimento in B-flat “Meine Kleine Haydn Musik” by Henryk Czyż. The concert in the Dominican Church is part of the 18th edition of the Franciszek Wybrańczyk Sinfonia Varsovia to Its City Festival.

Admission to the concert is free.

For more information about the concert and the festival please visit
Sinfonia Varsovia to Its City – Four Dimensions of Music