widok drewnianej konstrukcji wystawy

Sinfonia Varsovia in scale

Sinfonia Varsovia in scale. Outdoor exhibition

On 29 April, we opened the Sinfonia Varsovia in scale outdoor exhibition. The exhibition is on view seven days a week, from 8AM to 8PM, through 28 May, in Parade Square (entrance from Marszałkowska Street, near the Teatr Studio), free entrance.

The exhibition traces the history of the orchestra and the institution, showcases our current endeavors in the field of popularizing music, and reveals our plans for our new home in the Praga-Południe district. The focal point of the exhibition is one half of an acoustic model used to plan and examine the acoustics of the future concert hall. The one-tenth scale model is a faithful representation of the interior, which will accommodate almost 1900 audience members. The exhibition will also showcase the detailed information about the project being carried out at 272 Grochowska Street. The new music center includes not only the construction of the largest concert in Poland, but also the modernization of three historic buildings on Grochowska Street and Terespolska Street. The exhibition gives visitors an early taste of what our new home in the Kamionek neighborhood will look like.

The design and construction of Sinfonia Varsovia’s new home is financed by the capital city of Warsaw as part of the Integrated Revitalization Program of the capital city of Warsaw (2014–2022) and the task entitled: Modernization of historic buildings and construction of a concert hall on Grochowska Street for Sinfonia Varsovia.

The Sinfonia Varsovia in scale outdoor exhibition is on view through May in Parade Square. We invite all the visitors who will not have an opportunity to visit us in person to take a virtual tour of the exhibition without ever leaving home. The exhibition features one half of an unusual model used to plan the acoustics of the largest concert hall in Poland and learn about the history of the Sinfonia Varsovia.