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Anna Jurksztowicz

Jazz vocalist and singer, music producer and songwriter. Anna Jurksztowicz studied classical singing, but she abandoned belcanto in favour of her fascination with jazz and pop music. At the age of 16 she was already singing professionally with the greatest stars of the Polish stage. In 1985 Jurksztowicz won the National Polish Song Festival in Opole, winning first prize in the New Performances category for the song “Diamentowy kolczyk” [Diamond Earring] (music by Krzesimir Dębski, words by Jacek Cygan). She represented Poland in international festivals in Sopot (Poland, 1985), Dresden (Germany, 1987), Curaçao (The Netherlands Antilles, 1988), Jūrmala (Latvia, 1989), Karlshamn (Sweden, 1990), Syracuse (Italy, 1991), Istanbul (Turkey, 1991), Cairo (Egypt 1995) and in India (2006). She has recorded many songs to well-known films and television series, including “Kingsajz”, “VIP”, “W pustyni i w puszczy”, “Czułość i kłamstwa”, “Matki, żony i kochanki”, “Na dobre i na złe”, “Więzy krwi” and “Ranczo”. She sang in the Polish-language versions of Walt Disney’s productions of “Happy Pooh Year”, “Piglet’s Big Movie” and “Pooh’s Heffalump Movie”. Her first album, “Dziękuję nie tańczę” was released in 1987. All songs on the album were written for her by Krzesimir Dębski and Jacek Cygan and today it is considered by trade literature and polls devoted to pop music to be a cult pop album. Songs from the album continue to occupy Top lists.

Despite here being known for hit songs and music for films and television series, Anna Jurksztowicz’s repertoire, or rather her musical resources include works that support spiritual practice, such as spirituals and gospels, Carmelite canticles, Hindu mantras, as well as classical and modern songs to words written by great poets (L. da Ponte, W. Szymborska, F.G. Lorca, Cz. Miłosz) and composers (I. J. Paderewski).

Currently Anna Jurksztowicz performs in philharmonic concert halls with symphonic repertoire devoted to the film music of Krzesimir Dębski and with a “Mozart Smooth Jazz” programme created together with Berlin pianist Rolf Zilke. The programme includes songs and arias by W. A. Mozart arranged in the jazz idiom and sung in the original Italian or German or in Polish, translated by Anna herself.

Her latest album – “Poza czasem – muzyka duszy” – is devoted to contemplative music. Anna Jurksztowicz is one of the first artists in Poland to tackle this topic in pop music. Anna derives inspiration from various sources and cultures, she experiments and explores various forms and translates texts. She also practices and teaches yoga.

Anna Jurksztowicz is also a publisher and music producer. Si Music – her publishing & production company – was established in 2001 and is dedicated to Polish contemporary music (Modern Classics from Poland). The label promotes works by Polish composers and organises musical events in Poland and abroad.

Anna Jurksztowicz also runs a cooking blog: and has written her first guide cook book: “IQuchnia, czyli jak inteligentnie jeść i pić”. This is not a typical cook book, but rather a manual for conscious consumers and home cooks. All dishes were tested by the author many times with her family and friends. She loves to cook. To refine her recipes she has – as she maintains – devoted many years of work by travelling and performing in concerts all around the world.