What we do

Imagine that classical music is a whole new world: fascinating but demanding, built according to specific rules, welcoming to those who want to rediscover their natural sensibilities or find intense esthetic experiences. Education is the way into this world: it enables one to enter it, understand it, and access it despite some obstacles.

It is never too late to discover classical music, although early contact with it has many benefits: it supports the intellectual and emotional development of children and may prove to become a life-long passion. Education is a chance for the adventure to last long and to create a need for constant contact with the world of sound throughout one’s lifetime.

Our audience

Children hold a special place in our educational offerings. We have something for every age: from the day of birth (or even earlier – the Smykofonia on Grochowska Street series is designed for pregnant women) to the latter years of primary school. Some events are meant for families, enabling people from different generations to participate. For several years, we have been supporting artistic education and professional training for youths through our Sinfonia Varsovia Academy project, which is aimed at university students and graduates. Older youths and adults seeking engagement with music can find it in the Amateur Musician’s Zone.

Our projects

Our projects can be grouped into two categories: concerts and workshops. Given our audience’s needs and the nature of artistic education, this division is mostly conventional – each group includes elements from the other one. For example, those who attend the Smykofonia on Grochowska Street series or the Mornings on Grochowska Street will have plenty of opportunities to play music themselves. Participants in Action Labyrinth, a collection of musical games and social projects, will discover the pleasure of listening to music and attending concerts. Students and graduates of the Sinfonia Varsovia Academy will use the skills they learned during workshops with orchestra leaders to participate in concerts themselves.