Even music lovers who go to symphonic concerts, enjoy the orchestral sound, and admire orchestral musicians may have trouble naming some of the instruments. They may also wonder how many of them there are, what roles they play, and why do these huge ensembles need conductors. Orkiestrownik, a free classical music education app for mobile devices, may help you get answers to these and other questions.

Sinfonia Varsovia – let’s get to know each other

In addition to helping its users learn more about symphonic orchestras in general, the app can also get them acquainted with Sinfonia Varsovia musicians. All this is thanks to the Virtual Orchestra feature. It enables users to watch every instrumentalist separately and view every detail of how a symphonic piece is performed on the example of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero. Users can choose from multiple ways of doing so. These include a dynamic score, a graphical overview and a map showing instrument placement. Footage of the orchestra switches to close-ups of the conductor and single musicians.

All about orchestras

Orkiestrownik features many short clips and interactive features which show the work of musicians from behind the scenes and allow users to better understand the music itself. Watching and listening to them all makes you want to get out of the house and go to a concert! Especially after you have learned how to behave at one. And when you can imagine how much time the musicians, conductor, programming specialists, marketers, and technical staff devote to every performance.