Maciej Zieliński

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Maciej Zielinski

Maciej Zielinski was born in Warsaw. In 1996 he graduated with honours from the Warsaw Academy of Music. He followed up with studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London and with doctoral studies at the Frederyk Chopin University of Music. Between 1993 and 1997 he participated in workshops for young composers and in the first international meeting of young composers in Apeldoorn, Holland (1995).

His compositions have been performed at the most important festivals such as The Warsaw Autumn Festival, The 14th Synthesizer-Musik-Festival in Brunswick, Musica del Novecento in Rome, European Youth Music Festival Copenhagen’96, The Park Lane Festival in London, The World Music Days in Romania and have been broadcast by many international radio stations. The album that contains “The I String Quartet “ performed by the quartet DAFO, published by PWM/Dux, received the Frederic 2002 Award. In 2012 he was nominated for the Frederic 2012 Award in the “Best Composer of the Year” category.

September 2011 saw the publication of the album “Across the Millenniums” dedicated in its entirety to Maciej Zielinski’s compositions. In April 2000 his composition titled “Lutoslawski in Memoriam” for oboe and piano was selected by the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music for their syllabus in English schools until 2006.

Maciej Zielinski is an award winner at many musical contests such as the Critics’ Award at the Second Meeting of Young Composers in Krakow (2nd Prize), the Sixth Syhtesizer-Musik-Festival in Brunswick (2nd Prize), The Young Composers’ Musica Sacra Contest (2nd Prize), The International Composer Contest Jihlava 96 (3rd Prize), The Polish Composers’ Contest in Gdansk 1997 (3rd Prize), The PTMW Multimedia Competition (Grand Prix), The Alan Bush Composition Prize in London, and the Josiah Parker Composition Prize in London.

He received a scholarship from the Polish Ministy of Culture (1995) and the British Council Fellowship Award (1998). He participated in the jury of the ISCM World Music Days Festival (2003 and 2004), the Tadeusz Baird Music Contest and the Musica Sacra Contest. From 2002 to 2007, he was Vice-President of the Polish Section of International Society for Contemporary Music. He is a member of The Polish Composers’ Union (board member), PTMW, SAWP and ZAiKS (board member).

During the 2011 – 2012 art season Maciej Zielinski had the honour of being the Composer-In-Residence at the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra.  In February 2012 he received a nomination for the Frederic 2012 award in the “Best Composer of the Year” category.

Maciej Zielinski is also a popular composer of film music.

Selected works: Miniature for string quartet (1989), Concertino for clarinet and piano (1991), Variations for solo clarinet (1991), Miniatures for chamber orchestra (1992), Perchoir for mixed choir and percussion (1992–93), Capriccio for clarinet and piano (1993), Sonata for accordion (1993), Musica per archi a.d. 1993 (1993), String Quartet No. 1 (1994), Vox Humana for percussion and amplified cello (1994), Alone in a Crowd … for alto saxophone and tape (1994), Domine, quis habitabit for unaccompanied mixed choir (1995), Capriccio for solo violin (1995), Clouds for tape (1995), Piano Concerto No. 1 (1995), Three Phrases for clarinet, trombone, cello and piano (1996), Tractus for unaccompanied mixed choir (1996), Shining for string orchestra (1996), a. for alto saxophone and piano (1996), Symphony No. 1 (1996), Abruzzo – Imaginary Landscape for chamber orchestra (1997), Capriccio for chamber orchestra (1998), Lutosławski in memoriam for oboe and piano (1999), Brass Quintet (1999), Oratio for solo organ (2000), Fallen Angel for percussion and tape (2003), Sololis for solo piano (2004); Trio for M.B. for clarinet, violin and cello (2004); Shining for string orchestra (2006); Concerto Inquieto for clarinet and orchestra (2010), Barocode I for violin, viola and string orchestra (2011), V Symphony (2012), ElemenT for orchestra (2012); film and theatre music.