Paweł Mykietyn

Paweł Mykietyn composer

Paweł Mykietyn

Paweł Mykietyn studied at the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in the class of Professor Włodzimierz Kotoński (graduated in 1997).

At the age of 22 the composer made his debut at the Warsaw Autumn Festival of contemporary music with “La Strada”. In 1995, the work “3 for 13”, commissioned by Polish Radio, won first place at the UNESCO International Composers’ Forum in Paris in the young composer category. In 1996, “Epifora”, commissioned by the Experimental Studio of Polish Radio, won first place at the 4th UNESCO International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music in Amsterdam in the young composer category.

Paweł Mykietyn was the founder and clarinet player in the Nonstrom ensemble, specialising in contemporary music. The ensemble was active from 1990 to 2005. Starting in 1996, the composer wrote most of the music for stage plays directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski.

Mykietyn has directed the music stage at the Nowy Theatre in Warsaw since 2008.

Mykietyn wrote music for many films. In 2012 he received the prestigious Prix France Musique Sacem for music to the film “Essential Killing”, directed by Jerzy Skolimowski.

Major works:

  • …choć doleciał Dedal… for clarinet, cello and piano (1990)
  • La Strada for three instruments (1991)
  • Cztery Preludia for piano (1992)
  • U Radka for clarinet, trombone, cello and piano (1993)
  • Sonatina fur Alina for alto saxophone and tape (1994)
  • 3 for 13 for chamber orchestra (1994)
  • Eine kleine herbstmusik for chamber orchestra (1995)
  • Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1996)
  • Epifora for piano and tape (1996)
  • …na temat własny for chamber ensemble (1997)
  • 4 for 4 for clarinet, for clarinet, trombone, cello and piano (1997)
  • String Quartet (1998)
  • Kiedy przyjdzie Katelbach for tape (1998)
  • Before 4 for 4 for clarinet, trombone, cello and piano (1999)
  • Shakespeare’s Sonnets for male soprano and piano (2000)
  • Der Ignorant und der Wahnsinnige chamber opera after T. Bernhard (2001)
  • Kartka z albumu for cello and tape (2002)
  • Klave for micro-tonal harpsichord and chamber orchestra (2004)
  • Ładnienie for baritone, micro-tonal harpsichord and string quartet (2004)
  • 2nd String Quartet (2006)
  • Prolog for string orchestra (2006)
  • Sonata for cello (2006)
  • 2nd Symphony (2007)
  • St. Mark Passion (2008)
  • Vivo for choir, orchestra and electronics (2010)
  • Berceuse for ten singers (2010)
  • 3rd Symphony for alto and orchestra (2011)