Sinfonia Varsovia Brass

Sinfonia Varsovia Brass

Sinfonia Varsovia Brass

Sinfonia Varsovia Brass is a thirteen-person brass ensemble with a symphonic lineage. Its first performance at Defilad Square during the Sinfonia Varsovia to Its City Festival has aroused tremendous enthusiasm of the audience.

Several months after that wildly successful concert, the ensemble recorded an energetic album compiling classical music, jazz and Latin-American music. These are also works which take us back to the roots of the greatest American big bands, best known to listeners through film soundtracks – such as music from “Rocky” or “The Children of Sanchez”.

Jan Harasimowicz
Jakub Waszczeniuk
Ostap Popovych 
Andrzej Tomczok

Marek Żwirdowski 
Robert Żelazko 
Tomasz Hajda 
Mariusz Opaliński 

Henryk Kowalewicz 

Krzysztof Mucha 

percussion instruments
Piotr Kostrzewa 
Sebastian Frankiewicz 
Tomasz Bielecki