Construction of Sinfonia Varsovia music center kicks off

On 5 April, a contract for the execution of the first stage of the Sinfonia Varsovia Center project was signed at Sinfonia Varsovia’s headquarters during a press conference attended by the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski. The spectacular construction in Warsaw’s Praga district will be done by the DORACO Construction Corporation. Three historical buildings of the former Institute of Veterinary Medicine located on Grochowska Street will be adapted for new uses.

“We are delighted that after years of intensive preparation and much uncertainty, construction may finally begin,” says Janusz Marynowski, director of Sinfonia Varsovia. “This is long-awaited news for all of us, for the musicians, for the office staff, and for me personally. In two years, our institution will find itself in a completely new and exciting situation. At the end of 2025, for the first time in the orchestra’s 40-year history, we will be able to inaugurate a year-round artistic season.”

Among the participants of the press conference were: