Saturday / 11:00
Saturday / 11:00

Family Mornings with Little Basil: Warsaw through a dragon’s eyes

Sinfonia Varsovia, 272 Grochowska Str. Warsaw
FestivalFor kids


Lala Czaplickavoice, host

Sinfonia Varsovia Wind Quintet  

Michał Kazimierski double bass

Karol Krasińskipercussion   


Aneta i Wojciech Pałęccyactors

Programme [50']

Little Basil has been living in Warsaw for over 100 years. His favorite places include the Old Town, Powiśle, and the Royal Route, not to mention the Praga district on the other side of the Vistula, where he found his home after the war. It’s not a coincidence that the dragon moved to the headquarters of Warsaw’s Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra. He has always been drawn to music and although in his youth he listened mainly to street artists and bands, he soon came to like a different kind of repertoire, one played on a symphony orchestra’s instruments. Little Basil will share his memories and stories of the capital city with children and his good friends – the musicians of Sinfonia Varsovia. He will also discover that the Researcher not only knows all about the life of gnomes and elves, but also has been collecting songs from Warsaw. So, let’s sing along with her!