Tuesday / 19:00
Tuesday / 19:00

Final concert

Sinfonia Varsovia, ul. Grochowska 272, Warszawa
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Online tickets for the event are sold out. A small number of tickets will be available for purchase in the ticket booth just before the concert.


Sinfonia Varsovia Brass
Michał Dąbrówka drum set
Sinfonia Varsovia
Aleksandar Marković conductor
Piotr Matwiejczuk host


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 38 in D major Prague, KV 504
I. Adagio – Allegro
II. Andante
III. Presto

Mikołaj Majkusiak Bbrass Concerto for brass section, percussion and orchestra – premiere

I. Con forza
II. Grave
III. Ben ritmico

– intermission –

Robert Schumann Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major Rhenish, Op. 97
I. Lebhaft
II. Scherzo: Sehr mässig
III. Nicht schnell
IV. Feierlich
V. Lebhaft

In the finale the Festival, we will take a closer look at composers’ wanderings, or “composers in motion,” using Mozart and Schumann as examples. Prague was one of Mozart’s favorite cities, which he visited five times. This is where he premiered Don Giovanni (1787) and The Clemency of Titus (1791) and is believed to have composed and conducted the premiere of the Prague Symphony during his first stay of several weeks in early 1787. As Mozart has allegedly said, “My Prague citizens understand me”. The question is how will Mozart’s music be received by Warsaw’s Praga locals?

Schumann’s last (in chronological terms) symphony is a musical reminiscence of the Schumann couple’s very successful trip along the Rhine for several days. The serene mood of this music in the heroic key of E-flat major, the image of a flowing river, and the sound postcard of Cologne Cathedral are a perfect introduction to the summer holidays that are about to begin. But before delving into the thoughts of travel to the rhythm of Schumann’s soothing music, we will participate in the premiere of Mikołaj Majkusiak’s Bbrass Concerto. The piece for large symphonic ensemble gives prominence to the group of brass instruments and percussion. We will hear complicated rhythms, motorics, as well as cooperation and rivalry of particular instrumental groups.


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