Saturday / 17:30
Saturday / 17:30

Mittelfest 2024: In viaggio con Bazylek (Bazylek on tour)

Concert Pavilion, Parco Della Lesa, Cividale del Friuli, Italy
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Smok Bazylek [Little Basil the Dragon]
Sinfonia Varsovia Wind Quintet:
Andrzej Krzyżanowski flute
Arkadiusz Krupa oboe
Radosław Soroka clarinet
Henryk Kowalewicz French horn
Piotr Kamiński bassoon

Malina Sarnowska host

Five Sinfonia Varsovia musicians playing flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and French horn are going on a world tour. They are accompanied by the Warsaw dragon Bazylek (Little Basil), who not only knows the names of all these instruments, but can also distinguish between them. Long journeys await the musicians and Bazylek: France, Italy, China, South America, thousands of kilometers traveled by land and air. Oh, not to forget the sailing by ship, too – the unbearable rocking of the waves will make Bazylek miss home for the first time. Only where is it, this dragon’s home? While the musicians traveled the world, the Sinfonia Varsovia’s instrument warehouse, the dragon’s previous refuge, was thoroughly cleaned up. Now, with the help of the audience, the dragon’s home must be built anew: using cases, musical memories and travel souvenirs.

Bazylek (Little Basil) – a dragon of the Basilisk kind, born in Warsaw’s Old Town sometime in the early 20th century (exact date unknown). After the Second World War, he was seen on the right bank of the Vistula River. First spotted in 2020 in Sinfonia Varsovia’s instrument warehouse. He made his debut in the film “I am Bazylek” (“Bazylek jestem”), which marked the beginning of his career in the “Bazylek at Sinfonia Varsovia” (“Bazylek w Sinfonii Varsovii”) series. Usually very curious and musical, he keeps people at a distance, although he enjoys the company of musicians. He’s at his liveliest in the presence of Wojciech and Aneta Pałęcki. His closest friend and manager is Malina Sarnowska.