Musethica is a musical educational program with a strong social character. Established in 2012 by violist and educator Avri Levitan, it already operates in 12 countries. It focuses on such education of young and talented instrumentalists that their interpretations of chamber music, in addition to high artistic value, are characterized by high communicativeness. Each Musethica session consists of two fixed components: intensive workshops conducted by a tutor with the participants of a given edition, and presentation of the prepared program in places where concerts are not usually held, including nursing homes, hospitals, aid centers and educational institutions. The close contact between the young artists and the listeners and the opportunity to share each other’s impressions after the concert allow both parties to feel the unique power of music and, more broadly, art as a way of communicating and conveying emotions.

This year’s series of performances will culminate in a final concert, which, following the example of previous editions of Musethica, will be held at Nowa Miodowa – Concert Hall of the Complex of State Music Schools No. 1 in Warsaw. The concert program will include, among others, a masterpiece of chamber music – Ludwig van Beethoven’s Septet in E-flat major, Op. 20. The second – besides Avri Levitan – tutor for this year’s Warsaw session will be the legendary American French horn player, former longtime musician of the Berliner Philharmoniker, and current member of the Scharoun Ensemble, Stefan de Leval Jezierski.


Musethica 2023

  1. October
    19:00 / ul. Kinowa 19, Warszawa
    Free admission
  2. October
    12:00 / Nowa Miodowa, 21 Rakowiecka Street, Warsaw
    Chamber concert | off-premises
    Free admission