Sinfonia Varsovia Brass

Sinfonia Varsovia Brass is a thirteen-person brass band formed of the members of the brass and percussion sections of the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra. The ensemble’s repertoire includes original compositions written for the ensemble as well as arrangements of symphonic, jazz, and baroque music. The members of the ensemble are particularly drawn to Latin music as well as film scores. The ensemble has performed with notable soloists, such as Eric Miyashiro or Wayne Bergeron. In 2017, Warner Classics published the debut record of the Sinfonia Varsovia Brass, an energetic compilation of hits drawn from film scores and American and Latin music.

The ensemble is made up of: Jan Harasimowicz (trumpet), Jakub Waszczeniuk (trumpet), Ostap Popovych (trumpet), Andrzej Tomczok (trumpet), Marek Żwirdowski (trombone), Tomasz Światczyński (trombone), Tomasz Hajda (trombone), Mariusz Opaliński (trombone), Henryk Kowalewicz (French horn), Krzysztof Mucha (tuba), Piotr Kostrzewa (drums), Sebastian Frankiewicz (drums), and Tomasz Bielecki (drums).