Tuesday / 20:00
Tuesday / 20:00

Experimental Tuesday: Ensemble Kompopolex

Sinfonia Varsovia, 272 Grochowska Str. Warsaw
Chamber concertFestival


Ensemble Kompopolex   

Aleksandra Gołaj percussion 

Rafał Łuc accordion  

Jacek Sotomski synthesizers, electronics

Programme [60']

Nina Fukuoka uncanny valley

Kelley Sheehan#006f  *)

Mateusz ŚmigasiewiczASDR (premiere)   

Oxana Omelchuk5 Widmungen an die verborgenen Empfänger 

Marta Śniady c_ut|e_#1

Piotr PeszatUntitled Folder #3

*) The visual layer of the piece by Kelley Sheehan includes fast changes of images that may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Audience’s discretion is advised.

Post-internet is still a hair-raising term for some people, because it’s very difficult to capture its essence. Although the prefix ‘post-’ entails an end, something that would happen ‘after’ the internet, it actually refers to the criticism of the medium itself. Works described with this term draw from the web’s reservoir of videos, sounds, pictures and memes – they present the internet’s impact on everyday life in an ironic and thematic way. The performance given by the Ensemble Kompopolex trio from Wrocław, who provide comprehensive musical experiences, will touch upon alienation, information overload, extreme emotions and life after the pandemic.

The event will open with uncanny valley by Nina Fukuoka. The titular concept refers to negative feelings caused by robots that look and function similarly to humans. The work shares these characteristics – it’s alarming and shocking. In cu_t|e_#2, Marta Śniady plays with contrasts – photos of kittens are juxtaposed with hunting predators, while the titular words ‘cut’ and ‘cute’ find their reflection in both the work and virtual life. Piotr Peszat’s Untitled Folder #3 is a conglomeration of gestures, non-musical noises, sounds of instruments, glitches and rhythms, which amount to an ironic comment about the role of music. Oxana Omelchuk gives tradition a humorous twist in 5 Widmungen an die verborgenen Empfänger. Kelley Sheehan’s video #006f involves a transformation of an existing piece. The concert will be completed with ASDR by Mateusz Śmigasiewicz, a work created during the pandemic that provokes the audience to view one sound as a series of changing states.

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