Tuesday / 20:00
Tuesday / 20:00

Experimental Tuesday: Hashtag Ensemble

Sinfonia Varsovia, 272 Grochowska Str. Warsaw
Chamber concertFestival


Hashtag Ensemble:  

Marta Grzywacz voice

Ania Karpowicz flute

Wojciech Psiuksaxophone

Marta Piórkowskaviolin  

Aleksandra Demowska-Madejska viola  

Wojciech Błażejczykelectric guitar, electronics

Hubert Zemlerpercussion

Krzysztof Kozłowski synthesizer

Aleksandra Kacaelectronics  

Programme [60']

Anna SowaFaster for flute, percussion, electric guitar, voice, synthesizer, electronics
Zofia DowgiałłoTempus Imperfectum for flute and electronics
Ricardo Eizirikmusic while waiting / music while workingfor 4 instrumentalists & 3 amplified performers
Julia MihályDisappointment Diaries for flute, violin, viola, synthesizer, sampler, electronics and video

Igor Stravinsky thought that musical phenomena consist of sound and time. Today, in the age of the Internet, the perception of time is different, and the pandemic has intensified this impression. It made the hustle and bustle of everyday life stop, the streets became deserted, and we did the things we never had time for. The Internet’s time, however, has its own rules – it loses its linear structure, it glitches, repeats itself and skips. What’s the contemporary composers’ reaction to those changes? The concert will be an attempt to answer this question made by the Hashtag Ensemble, a music cooperative that specializes in contemporary music and improvisation.

The evening will begin with Faster by Anna Sowa. The title refers to the fast pace of modern life, which – despite the pandemic – only stopped for a moment. Frustration, futile work, and living in a new reality – all this is reflected in the piece’s structure, which is divided into two parts: acceleration as well as reduction and looping. Just like Faster, Tempus Imperfectum by Zofia Dowgiałło premiered on a streaming platform last year. After observing her own repetitive actions and routine, but also coincidence, the composer created a record of everyday life (in the imperfect tense). Julia Mihály’s Disappointment Diaries tell the story of unfulfilled expectations. The audio-visual collage of memories is dizzying, and at the same time reminds us that even if something fails, the result is rarely the worst thing that could happen. Ricardo Eizirik’s music while waiting / music while working  will add a bit of slapstick humor into the mix. The work presents an unobvious perspective on muzak, ways to kill time and the role of devices that we use every day.

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