Saturday / 11:00
Saturday / 11:00

Family concerts: Dragon Strings – Pictures from Arcadia

Sinfonia Varsovia, ul. Grochowska 272, Warszawa
FestivalFor kids

For the concert on 11 June, Little Basil, a friend of Sinfonia Varsovia’s musicians, will enchant a group of the orchestra’s string instruments and transform them into the Dragon Strings! Together they will travel to Norway, called the Arcadia of the North, a land of mysterious and beautiful nature. Together with children they will reveal the secrets of the Norwegian traditional Hardanger fiddle, get acquainted with works of the most important Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, and learn about the different ways of playing string instruments (arco – pizzicato). There will also be lots of laughter and great fun (also verbal) with Basil. Strings, that is something dragons like the most!


Laurens Weinhold Hardanger fiddle
Sinfonia Varsovia – string section
Little Basil [Bazylek]
Malina Sarnowska host


Music on Hardingfele – a traditional Norwegian fiddle
Edvard Grieg
Holberg Suite, Op. 40
Edvard Grieg Two Norwegian Tunes, Op. 63 (selection)
Benjamin Britten Playful Pizzicato from Simple Symphony, Op. 4


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