Saturday / 11:00
Saturday / 11:00

Family concerts: The Musical Bench

Sinfonia Varsovia, ul. Grochowska 272, Warszawa
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Sinfonia Varsovia Wind Quintet:
Andrzej Krzyżanowski flute
Arkadiusz Krupa oboe
Radosław Soroka clarinet
Piotr Kamiński bassoon
Henryk Kowalewicz French horn
Łukasz Podłucki French horn

Little Basil [Bazylek]
Malina Sarnowska host

The Musical Bench is a symbolic space for dialog – Poles and Ukrainians, wooden and brass instruments, small and big. There is room on it for more than one person. Whoever sits on it, immediately feels like inviting others to come over, sit down, and listen to music. We will find a common language, because although we are different, we are similar in many ways. Basil will speak in different languages.

Ukrainian Weekend 24-26 June 2022

The final weekend of the 22nd Sinfonia Varsovia to Its City Festival will revolve around Ukrainian themes. It will feature five different concerts: two classical music concerts, a family concert, a jazz concert and, an electronic music concert. This series will open on Friday, 24 June, with a charity concert by the Sinfonia Varsovia string group. The program includes Franz Schubert’s Death and the Maiden string quartet arranged by Gustav Mahler, a piece proposed by Sinfonia Varsovia musicians themselves in response to the massacre in Bucha, Irpin, and other Ukrainian cities. On Saturday, 25 June, we can participate in two events: in the morning, a family concert will be hosted by Little Basil, who will meet representatives of different countries and different instruments on his Musical Bench; in the evening, at 8:00 PM, join us for an electronic music performance by Kateryna Zavoloka, a sound and visual artist and designer of international renown. Zavoloka will present material from her latest album Ornament (2020) and new works. On Sunday afternoon (4 PM), Ukrainian chamber musicians who normally reside in Paris and Berlin, will perform a program featuring works by Ukrainian composers from the 18th century (Maxim Berezovsky) to the present (Almashi, Bezborodko). The highlight of the program will be String Quartet No. 4 by Borys Latoshinsky, the father of 20th-century Ukrainian music. The Ukrainian Weekend will end with a jazz concert by the international Vitalii Kyianytsia Trio. The musicians, whose style is described as expressive, will play material from their debut album, Last Day of Spring.

Honorary Patronage: Embassy of Ukraine to the Republic of Poland


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    The task was delivered thanks to financial support from the capital city of Warsaw under the Integrated Restoration Programme for the capital city of Warsaw to 2022
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