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Sinfonia Varsovia Plays Chamber Music

Sinfonia Varsovia Plays Chamber Music is a unique chamber music experience with members of the Orchestra. Taking place from January through April and from October through December in the Rehearsal Room at 272 Grochowska Street, the series brings together long-established ensembles such as Sinfonia Varsovia String Quintet and special one-off instrumental collaborations.

Chamber music gives musicians a chance to demonstrate their individual sensitivity and virtuosity, which play a secondary role in symphony orchestras. Chamber music helps build stronger relationships between artists and foster their mutual understanding within a full symphony orchestra – all this enables musicians to further develop their skills.

Each concert of the series introduces audience members to background information on the composers and the pieces being performed. Starting with the second edition, audience members have an opportunity to discuss the works being performed during casual post-concert conversations with the musicians.

Sinfonia Varsovia Plays Chamber Music – within reach

The Sinfonia Varsovia Plays Chamber Music series offers concerts of Sinfonia Varsovia musicians held at the Orchestra’s headquarters as well as accompanying events held in various locations in Warsaw and its surrounding area. The “within reach” concerts are another step towards making classical music more available to a wider Warsaw audience. This is a unique opportunity to hear the Orchestra’s musicians without driving to the other end of the city.

The Sinfonia Varsovia Plays Chamber Music – within reach series follows the same format as the events at the Orchestra’s headquarters. Each performance is complemented by a moderated Q&A session, where audience members can talk directly to musicians.

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